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Promoting DotGNU

Please help by putting up posters about the DotGNU Collaborative Coding Competition. You can print fliers from the same .ps files, too.

Linking to DotGNU

If you have a website, please help us by adding a link to the DotGNU project. Unlike the competing projects of commercial companies, we're not able to spend money on promoting DotGNU. That why we're asking the community to help out with website links.

Linking to a DotGNU development project

If you wish to link to just a single component of DotGNU, such as for example Portable.NET, please mention DotGNU in some way. This will help us by making more people aware of the DotGNU efforts.

Text suggestions

Here are some text ideas that you could adapt according to the context of your website.

  • Portable.NET is part of DotGNU, a project to build a complete Free Software replacement for .NET - We're building a system that truly belongs to the developers. Join us at http://dotgnu.org
  • (your text idea could be here... email us! :-)

Your comments please...

You are invited to add your comments concerning this at the appropriate page of the DotGNU Wiki




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