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DotGNU Posters

Right now the only posters we have are those for the DotGNU Collaborative Coding Competition. There are six variants (each of them is a 313KB postscript file).

Alternatively, all six variants are in this tar.gz file (890 KB).

The goal is to get some of these posters put up in every computer science department, of universities and technical colleges worldwide.

A More Long-Term Posters Project

While the above poster is a relatively simple one for promoting the Collaborative Coding Competition, it would be nice to have a really cool poster which will promote the Free Software movement in general and at the same time also raise awareness of the DotGNU project. We would like DotGNU to be seen in the context of the overall desire of the Free Software movement to provide businesses with viable alternatives to proprietary software for all business processes. One major challenge in this area is to provide a migration path which provides significant benefits already during the first stages of the transition to Free Software. DotGNU helps here, because the webservices approach allows to make the transition in multiple small steps.

This requires some funding for printing of the posters and postage.

How to contribute

Please use GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program for creating graphics files for this project, and put them under the GNU Free Documentation License.

An anonymous ftp area has been set up on dotgnu.org where you can upload poster ideas, drafts, submissions, etc. to the incoming directory. After uploading something, please let us know by sending email to posters@dotgnu.org




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