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DotGNU Portable.Net CVS information

DotGNU moved development to git so the sources you check out will be outdated

For information about the GIT repository look at GIT info.

The CVS repository for the DotGNU Portable.Net project is hosted at Savannah.

Anonymous CVS access

The CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous CVS with the following instruction set.

  cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sv.gnu.org:/sources/dotgnu-pnet co .

NOTE: Before you can build the cvs version, you need to run auto_gen.sh in order to create the Makefile.in and configure files.

How to obtain CVS commit access

Please make your contributions to the project through the "patch tracker" system initially. It is possbile that you may be granted CVS commit access after some time.

Browsing the CVS repository with a web browser

You may want to bookmark this link. If for example you're looking for the history of the implementation of TextBox, click on "pnetlib", then on "System.Windows.Forms", then on "TextBox.cs".

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