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DotGNU Meta-Project Structure

The DotGNU vision is so big that for practical reasons DotGNU must be organized as a "meta-project" that serves as an umbrella for several software development projects, with each of these development projects having a a maintainer who is in charge of making sure that they keep going in a good direction.

This page lists all development projects which have been officially accepted as DotGNU components, and which are actively being worked on. There is a separate page with ideas for components which may possibly be added at a later stage.

Active DotGNU Development Projects

DotGNU Portable.NET

For strategic reasons, the DotGNU Platform must make it reasonably easy to migrate code from Microsoft's .NET to DotGNU, and to write programs in a portable manner so that they run on both platforms.

This need is met by the DotGNU Portable.NET project led by Rhys Weatherley.

DotGNU Execution Environment (DGEE)

Portable Executables that come in one of the multiple bytecode formats supported by the DotGNU platform will be executed in a DotGNU Execution Environment (DGEE). DGEE will also support combining the resources of multiple physical machines, for increased reliability and for being able to handle heavy loads.


phpGroupWare is a multi-user web-based GroupWare suite, which also serves to provide a good collection of webservice components, all of which can be accessed through XML-RPC so that you can easily integrate them into webservice applications of your own.


Abdabi is a peer-to-peer system for service announcements and service discovery, currently in the design and planning phase.

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