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.NET Functionality And More

The mission of the DotGNU project is to provide:

  • A language independent platform supporting many popular programming languages including C, C#, Java, Perl, Python, PHP.
  • Compatability with .NET
  • An operating-system independent platform (akin to Java)
  • Support for webservices in a manner that avoids the issues of Free Software ethics that would otherwise arise with Application Service Providers.
  • A decentralized network paradigm.
  • A system that truly belongs to the developers, not to some profit-oriented monopolistic company. We want compatibility with .NET for practical reasons, but otherwise the contributing developers determine what the system will be like. This is our system.

More information will be added here soon. For now, please refer to the DotGNU Wiki

What exactly is .NET?

For Microsoft Inc., .NET really is not primarily about technology, rather it is a marketing strategy that is directed against the Java system of Sun Microsystems, and also against the GNU/Linux system.

Please read the article "DotGNU - Keeping You from Getting Tangled in a Net!".

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