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DotGNU Portable.Net GIT information

The GIT repository for the DotGNU Portable.Net project is hosted at Savannah.

Anonymous GIT access

The GIT repository can be cloned with the following instruction set.

  git clone git://git.sv.gnu.org/dotgnu-pnet.git
  cd dotgnu-pnet
  git submodule update --init

Before making any changes in the sources you have to make sure that you are on the master branch. In the module directory (for example dotgnu-pnet/pnetlib) use the following instruction

  git checkout master

NOTE: Before you can build the git version, you need to run auto_gen.sh in order to create the Makefile.in and configure files.

For updating your local GIT repository use the following instructions in the dotgnu-pnet directory

  git pull
  git submodule update

Write GIT access

The same rules apply as for the anonymous git access except that the url for git clone has to be changed to


for more information on how to use GIT on Savannah have a look at the GIT informations on Savannah.

Because we are using submodules don't forget to update the changes in the dotgnu-pnet directory too so that the corrent submodules will be pulled correctly by the next git clone or git pull in dotgnu-pnet.

This is done like this in the dotgnu-pnet directory

  git add changedmodule
  git commit
  git push

How to obtain GIT write access

Please make your contributions to the project through the "patch tracker" system initially. It is possbile that you may be granted GIT write access after some time.

Browsing the GIT repository with a web browser

For browsing the GIT repositories with a web browser use one of the following links

"Compiler tests", "Graphics library", "Just In Time compiler", "Mono Libraries", "engine, compiler and tools", "C Library", "Class Library", or "Tree Compiler-Compiler"

If for example you're looking for the sources of TextBox, click on "Class Library", then on "tree", "System.Windows.Forms" and as last step on "TextBox.cs".

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