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DGEE Samples

The examples directory of the src distribution contains several webservice 

cd examples

This will create wstest.dll, state.dll and math.dll

Generate a dgmx files for each of these webservices:

csdgmx wstest.dll
csdgmx state.dll
csdgmx math.dll

Now install the webservice into the dgee by running dgeeinstallws script:

dginstallws wstest
dginstallws state
dginstallws math

  (This may require you to be the 'dgee' user (usually the same as Apache) or
  root.  Alternatively, you can set the permissions of /usr/local/var/dgee/data
  and /usr/local/var/dgee/index to be global rwx, and set the 'sticky' bit on
  these directories so that only the owners of the files placed there may delete
  them again (just like /tmp).

  chmod a+rwx ...directory...
  chmod +t    ...directory...

  Please see your man pages for further details

(Or you can copy the dll files directly into /usr/local/var/dgee/data and the
dgmx files into /usr/local/var/dgee/index - make sure the ownership on the
directory and files is correct).

You can now view the web service documentation for this webservice by pointing
your browser at:


If you want to see the documentation in XML form, use the following:


XML-RPC access to the webservice is enabled by POSTing your XML-RPC request
to http://my.local.apache.webserver/wstest.dgmx

To create C# Client Proxy classes for your webservices, you can run
csws2client webservice.dll to generate a webserviceClient.cs file.

Alternativly, the webservice documentation available from your DGEE contains
a hypertext link which will download a suitable C# client proxy class.
This class can be instantiated by your code code and the webservice methods 
called directly via this proxy without the user having to get involved with the
network side of things.

Note: The client proxy may need the hard coded Url's set appropriately as they
will be by default.

The perl directory contains a simple XMLRPC test client.
It requires XMLRPC::Lite which is part of SOAP::Lite.

The Python direcory contains an out-of-the-box client example.




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