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17. Contexts in C++

The jit_context class provides a C++ counterpart to the C jit_context_t type. See section Initializing the JIT, for more information on creating and managing contexts.

Constructor on jit_context: jit_context ()

Construct a new JIT context. This is equivalent to calling jit_context_create in the C API. The raw C context is destroyed when the jit_context object is destructed.

Constructor on jit_context: jit_context (jit_context_t context)

Construct a new JIT context by wrapping up an existing raw C context. This is useful for importing a context from third party C code into a program that prefers to use C++.

When you use this form of construction, jit_context_destroy will not be called on the context when the jit_context object is destructed. You will need to arrange for that manually.

Destructor on jit_context: ~jit_context ()

Destruct a JIT context.

Method on jit_context: void build_start ()

Start an explicit build process. Not needed if you will be using on-demand compilation.

Method on jit_context: void build_end ()

End an explicit build process.

Method on jit_context: jit_context_t raw () const

Get the raw C context pointer that underlies this object.

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