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Testimonials about DotGNU Portable.NET

Dan Brickley, chair of the W3C RDF Interest Group and co-editor of the RDF Schema Specification wrote on February 8, 2003:

Just a quick followup to say that this is really easy to get up and running.
I'm using a Debian box, and had to install dotgnu first. It built from 
CVS really smoothly. See
and checkout the 'treecc', 'pnet' and 'pnetlib' modules. For each, in that 
order, run ./ and then do the configure / make check / make install
thing. After which the Euler stuff just works. 

This is my first experience with dotgnu and I'm pretty impressed at how 
smoothly everything went, particularly given the state of Java for 
Debian/Linux after all this time. Now I just need to learn csharp...

Nice work :)

Derek Ferguson, editor of the .NET Developers Journal, wrote in the editorial for Volume 01 Issue 04:

Rhys Weatherley, founder of the Portable.NET project and - to my mind - a true visionary

Testimonials about other components of DotGNU

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