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The head of a GNU is the logo of the GNU project  DotGNU DotGNU logo

                       The DotGNU Manifesto

                           Version 1.0

  The motto of the DotGNU project is "GNU Freedom for the Internet".

  The GNU Project seeks to develop a complete Unix-like operating
  system which is Free Software.  This objective has been reached:
  GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd are available for computer users today.

  In today's networked economy there is often a need to interoperate
  with other systems.  The goal of the DotGNU project is to make sure
  that this will not stop anyone from using a GNU/Linux or GNU/Hurd

  We want an internet where

    * The various computers communicate with each other using
      protocols for which specifications are available that can
      be freely copied and redistributed, and which can be freely
      implemented in GPL'd Free Software.

    * Businesses can form alliances with each other, and use
      webservices to integrate their business processes with
      each other, without fear of losing their freedom through
      "lock in" situations of any kind.

    * When working on software that implements business systems
      of any kind, the programmers have every freedom to do this
      task using a GNU/Linux or GNU/Hurd system and development
      tools which are Free Software.

  In addition, the DotGNU project was born out of a vision to
  create a viable Free Software industry, where developers can get
  paid fairly for working on Free Software.  We want to encourage
  the formation of Free Software businesses which use one of
  DotGNU's group interaction systems, i.e. phpGroupWare or Forum,
  as their primary system for internal communication, and which use
  DotGNU webservices to integrate this communication system with all
  business processes.

  The DotGNU project encourages use of GNU Enterprise, which is the
  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system of the GNU project, but
  DotGNU will also support the use of webservices to integrate
  business processes with any other system.

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